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August 1, 2013

Design, Supply, Fabricate And Package Skid Mounted Nitrogen Generator System

PROJECT: Design, supply, fabrication, packaging and commissioning of Nitrogen Gas Generator Package for Hitachi Recycle Gas Compressor Project at Pakistan Refinery.

In this project, we design, supply, fabricate and package the skid mounted nitrogen generator system which include the following major components/ equipment:

  1. Gardner-Denver 22 kw air compressors (2 x 100%).
  2. Parker Hiross air-cooled after cooler (2 x 100%).
  3. Parker Balston coarse pre-filter (coalescer) (2 x 100%) – skid mounted.
  4. Parker Balston fine pre-filter (coalescer) (2 x 100%) – skid mounted.
  5. Parker Balston SMRT Compressed Air Membrane Dryer (2 x 100%) – skid mounted.
  6. Parker Balston oil-removal/ adsorption filter (activated carbon) (2 x 100%) – skid mounted.
  7. Parker SmartFluxx Nitrogen Membrane (2 x 100%) – skid mounted

This system was designed to support required nitrogen flow of 30 Nm3/hr at 99.5% purity and 7 barg.

This system was completed in July 2013 and successfully completed the FAT, witnessed by customers in Aug 2013 and subsequently shipped to Pakistan.  

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